Everyone is always told to study and learn from their losses. But, all too often, players do not examine their victories carefully enough, which can lead to trouble in the future, as Worldchess’s columnist explains.
Feb 05
A game between two young grandmasters who have bright futures and could have a long rivalry in the coming decades.
He won his tenth-round game and then won a marathon playoff against Maxime Vachier-Lagrave to claim his second consecutive title.
Sometimes achieving your goal is not such a good idea.
Among the world’s most beautiful sets, they were made of ivory by the craftsman of the company that controlled trade in British India for two centuries.
With one round to go, there are now eight co-leaders, setting up an explosive and action-packed finale on Thursday.
The winner of the following game used a clever move order in the opening to achieve a set-up designed to achieve a central break. When it occurred, Black’s position collapsed rapidly.
Saudi Arabia’s top cleric recently issued a fatwa, or religious decree, against chess, but many Islamic scholars across the centuries said there is no reason to believe that the game violates the tenets of Islam.
The Central Telegraph building is in the heart of Moscow and is a center for telecommunications services.


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Feb 07 Chess in Antartica
Obviously it is for promotional reasons, but one game of a match between Hou Yifan and Cristóbal Hernández is going to be in Antartica.
Feb 07 Facebook has hidden chess-playing app
It is a built-in feature and all people gave to do to have a game against a friend is type “”@fbchess play” while having a chat.
The Hacker News
Feb 02 Big profile of Levon Aronian on CNN
The Armenian star is called the David Beckham of his home country in terms of his popularity.
Feb 01 3rd Millionaire Open Announced, but in a new location
There will be a 3rd Millionaire Open, the only open tournament with $1 million in prizes, but it will in Atlantic City this year.
Millionaire Open
Jan 29 A computer finally beats a Go champion
It took almost 20 years after Garry Kasparov lost to Deep Blue for a computer to beat a Go champion. What’s next?
The Guardian
Jan 29 Profile of Elisabeta Polihroniade, woman grandmaster, who died this week
As well as being a seven-time Romanian champion, she was an organizer, arbiter and writer about the game.
Jan 29 A 12-year-old wins Iranian National Championship
Alireza Firouzja won by a full point, followed by 14-year-old Aryan Gholami, and 15-year-old Parham Mahhsoodloo.
Jan 27 Marvin Minsky, artificial intelligence pioneer, dies
Chessbase’s tribute to him has nice video interviews about chess and artificial intelligence.
Jan 27 12-year-old on verge of winning Iranian championship
While there is only one strong grandmaster in the field, it would still be an amazing accomplishment.
Jan 22 Learning chess helps brains develop
Nothing new here, but a nice, brief article that sums up the various studies supporting how chess can improve cognitive thinking.
Jan 22 Top Saudi cleric issues ban on chess
He said that the game is a waste of time and money and promotes hatred between players. Worldchess will have more on this soon.
Jan 14 Garry Kasparov on CNN in an interview with Fareed Zakaria
As part of his continuing push for his new book, “Winter Is Coming,” Kasparov appeared on the well-known American cable news network.
Jan 13 More on the death of Ivan Bukavshin at age 20
Includes interviews and anecdotes about the death of the No. 92 player in the world.
Jan 13 More news on death of Ivan Bukavshin at age 20
The No. 92 ranked player in the world, apparently died of a stroke.
Jan 13 Ivan Bukavshin dies at age 20
The Russian grandmaster, who had risen to No. 92 in the world, died, apparently of a stroke, on January 12.
Jan 08 The best games of 2015
A bit late (for Worldchess), but Chessbase had a nice feature on the best games of 2015. They are worth playing through (again).
Jan 08 Komodo Beats Nakamura in Odds Match
After the first three games were drawn, the computer finally wore Nakamura down and won the last game.
Komodo Chess
Jan 06 Grand Chess Tour Loses Norway Chess
Norway Chess is leaving the Grand Chess Tour only one year after it was created. Has the idea collapsed already?
Dec 30 Wang Hao has already clinched Al Ain title
With a round to spare, the Chinese player has already wrapped up first place.
Dec 30 Profile of Caruana in The New Yorker
A nice little profile of Fabiano Caruna in one of America’s foremost weekly magazines.
The New Yorker
Dec 18 European Rapid and Blitz Championship under way
The tournament is being held in Minsk, Belarus. The two championships have a combined prize fund of just over 30,000 euros.
European Rapid and Blitz Championship
Dec 18 World Schools Championship moved from Tunisia for security reasons
Tunisia has been awarded the 2018 championship. But the World Chess Federation urgently has to find a new host for the 2016 event.
Dec 18 Fascinating portrait of a little-known American chess legend
Steve Brandwein was barely known even in the chess community, but he was a super strong player capable of occasionally beating Fischer.
Dec 08 There goes Nigel Short's theory about men and women
A study says the brains of men and women are similar, which submarines the British grandmaster’s theory about why men are better at chess.
The Telegraph
Dec 08 Long profile of Judit Polgar in The Telegraph
The profile and interviews explores her long and successful career as a player and how she has transitioned to coach and educator.
The Telegraph
Dec 08 Anands open home for flood refugees
Chennai, Viswanathan Anand’s hometown, has been inundated with floods. So the Anands have taken in refugees who have lost their homes.
The Times of India
Dec 06 The secret Ukrainian Championship
None of the games of the Ukrainian Championship are being broadcast or published after they are played. Why? To protect Mariya Muzychuk.
Dec 04 Awonder Liang just became the youngest American international master
But his record as youngest American master was just broken by Maximillian Lu.
Dec 04 The Telegrah profiles the players in the London Chess Classic
One of Britain’s leading daily newspapers has a big profile of all the players on its Web site.
The Telegraph
Dec 04 Nicholas Pert is a surprising finalist in British Knockout Championship
Pert substituted for Nigel Short, who was sick, at the last minute and now is in the final where he will face David Howell.