Worldchess’s columnist continues with his coverage of the Chinese Championship, which finished this week, and produced more fantastic games.
That was just one of three decisive results in the penultimate round of the Altibox Norway Chess tournament
The Grand Prix series, which is part of the World Championship cycle, is expanding the number of participants and changing its format
The Faroe Islands will have a representative in the 2017 World Cup because of the victory in the following game at a little known tournament.
With a dominating win in Round 7 of the elite Altibox Norway Chess tournament, Carlsen now leads the field by a full point.
Both the new champions won in the last round while their top rivals lost or were unable to keep pace.
Magnus Carlsen leads the elite Altibox Norway Chess tournament, but a trio of tough players trail him by only half a point.
Fabiano Caruana leads the open section, while Tatev Abrahamyan is at the top of the women’s championship.


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Apr 27 Allegations of a serial cheater in Bulgaria (sounds familiar)
An international master has put together a prima facie case that a player in Bulgaria is cheating, a la Borislav Ivanov, who was banned.
Apr 22 Long article about the boom in chess in New York City
The article focuses on how chess is being introduced in many elite schools in New York City.
The New York Times
Apr 19 Insightful interview with Magnus Carlsen
Transcript of a Norwegian TV talk show interview with Carlsen includes his thoughts on Karjakin and also his one-night stand as a comic.
Matt & Patt
Apr 18 Girl wins Junior High School Nationals in the United States
Maggie Feng became the first girl to win the 9th grade championship. Previous winners include Fabiano Caruana and Hikaru Nakamura.
US Chess Federation
Apr 17 Ukrainian ratings suspended by FIDE
The suspension was because the Ukrainian Federation did not pay the full fee from the recent Women’s World Championship match.
Apr 14 Two-part series on history of Bobby Fischer
Among other things, it has pictures of documents proving that Paul Nemenyi, not Hans-Bernhardt Fischer, was his father.
Apr 09 Fantastic in-depth interview with Sergey Karjakin
The interview was conducted the day after Karjakin won the Candidates tournament.
Apr 09 Li Chao replaces Sergey Karjakin in Norway super tournament
Only days after Karjakin pulled out, Li steps in, even postponing his wedding in order to play.
Norway Chess
Apr 09 Grand Chess Tour announces participants
It includes most of the world’s top players, with the obvious exceptions of Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin.
Apr 09 Article explaining how Google's computer conquered Go
A behind-the-scenes explanation of how the programmers found a way to deal with the complexity of Go.
The New York Times
Apr 07 Karjakin withdraws from Norway super tournament
Only days before the start, Karjakin has withdrawn citing fatigue and preparations for the World Championship. The organizers are furious.
Apr 06 Timur Gareyev plays 35 people blindfold
As part of his preparation to break the blindfold world record, Gareyev recently took on 35 players in an exhibition in California.
Apr 06 Arnold promotes chess in Brazil
The fourth Arnold Classic Brasil, a sports and health conference once again included chess and Arnold Schwarzenegger played with attendees.
Mar 26 Upcoming auction of historical chess sets
Article with wonderful photos on an upcoming auction at Sothby’s of chess sets, at least one of which is 1,000 years old!
Mar 22 A story about chess on the inside (of prison)
A short profile of a drug-dealing prisoner who seems to have become an expert at chess.
Mar 15 Kasparov criticizes call for socialism by U.S. presidential candidate
The former World Champion said in an interview that Senator Bernie Sanders is wrong to advocate socialist solutions.
Wahington Post
Mar 14 Wonderful history of chess computers
A history of chess computers spanning from the Mechanical Turk, which, of course, was not a computer, to Deep Blue.
Popular Mechanics
Mar 14 Grandmaster Lombardy faces eviction from New York City apartment
Bill Lombardy, who was Bobby Fischer’s second in his 1972 World Championship match, is facing eviction from his Manhattan apartment.
The New York Times
Mar 13 10th century chess set up for auction
The set is part of the collection of Lothar Schmid, the German grandmaster and arbiter, who died in 2013.
Chess Daily News
Mar 09 Computer defeats world's best Go player
It was only one game of a five-game match, but it appears that humans bragging rights as the best Go players are about to run out.
Business Insider
Mar 09 Documentary "Magnus" part of Tribeca International Film Festival
The documentary of the World Champion will be part of one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world in New York City in April.
Tribeca Film
Mar 08 In-depth interview with Svidler
Ahead of the Candidates, an interesting Q&A with the always introspective player.
Mar 05 Interesting interview with Boris Spassky
Chess24 has translated this interview with the ex-World Champion, which appeared first in the Russian publication Sport Express.
Mar 04 Andrey Filatov awarded French Legion of Honor
Filatov, the president of the Russian Chess Federation, was honored for his contributions to bilateral France-Russia relations.
Mar 03 Report on the Chinggis Chess Club round-robin in January
Why do we care? It was won by Sam Shankland, one of our grandmaster reporters! And the report features an annotation of one of his wins.
US Chess Federation
Mar 01 $40,000 blitz tournament on
The tournament includes the top blitz players in the world, including Carlsen and Nakamura. And there is one slot open for a qualifier!
Mar 01 Fascinating interview with Aronian
Touches on many topics, including his confidence level going into the Candidates and Carlsen’s influence on the game.
Feb 28 New inductees in United States Chess Hall of Fame
The new inductees are Gata Kamsky, who just won the Capelle le Grande tournament in France, and Maurice Ashley.
U.S. Chess Hall of Fame
Feb 28 Three new inductees in World Chess Hall of Fame
The new members are David Bronstein, Sonja Graf-Stevenson and Howard Staunton. Hard to imagine how it took so long to induct Staunton…
World Chess Hall of Fame
Feb 24 Ju Wenjun wins second women's Grand Prix tournament
No officially announced result yet, but the results are clearly posted on the site.