Chess endgame studies are often overlooked by players who want to improve, but they have real practical value, as Worldchess’s columnist shows in a game between two of history’s greatest players.
Nov 20 — 2:10 AM
In a match between Germany and Romania, Mihail Marin showed what happens when a young opponent plays imprecisely against an older player: he gets a lesson.
With a last round win, Armenia edged out Hungary on tie-breakers for the silver, while France was pushed out the medals and ended up fourth.
In Europe’s strongest league, there are so many dangerous players that even the top competitors fall sometimes.
Jon Crumiller, the columnist, is one of the leading authorities on chess sets and owns one of the largest and most diverse private collections. This new monthly feature will explore the history of chess equipment, using examples from the columnist’s own collection.
With a draw in the Round 8, Russia kept its lead, but it must secure at least a draw in the final round to clinch the title.
In an elite tournament in Spain, Alexander Morozevich was all set to take home the top prize. But Axel Bachmann upended his plans.
With a win in Round 7 over its closest rival, Russia is now comfortably ahead of the field in the European Team Championship. The real battle is now for silver.
The top-seeded Russians had a surprising amount of trouble with 17th-seeded Georgia in Round 6 of the European Team Championship. Up next? France, which beat No. 2 seeded Ukraine.


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Nov 23 — 7:57 PM Chessbase launches new India site
Chessbase has started a Web site to focus on India. The editor is Sagar Shah.
Nov 20 — 12:12 PM Chess players not athletes? Get a load of Karjakin.
An article with a video in Russian with a translation, but the highlight might be Sergey Karjakin doing a walking handstand.
Nov 17 — 9:20 PM Exhibition matches in St. Louis won by Caruana and Hou
The blitz games proved decisive as Fabiano Caruana surprisingly beat Hikaru Nakamura and Hou Yifan beat Parimarjan Negi.
Nov 15 — 10:02 AM Auctions of valuable chess sets in Dublin on Nov. 22
The auction at Adam’s saleroom includes one ivory Jaques of London Staunton chess set from the mid-19th century.
The Irish Times
Nov 15 — 9:48 AM Caruana and Hou lead exhibition matches in St. Louis
After three days, Caruana is up by a point, while Hou blitzed Negi on Saturday and is ahead by three points.
Nov 13 — 12:11 PM Interesting interview with Veselin Topalov
The interview with an Argentinian newspaper, in which Topalov talks expansively about the state of chess, has been translated by Chess24.
Nov 13 — 11:57 AM Some Italian schools will be getting chess instruction online
With the support of the Ministry of Education, 350 schools will begin instruction during the current school year.
Nov 13 — 11:52 AM Exhibition matches in St. Louis: top players in unusual formats
Nakamura and Caruana and Hou and Negi are playing exhibition matches which include Basque Chess and Fischer Random Chess.
Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis
Nov 08 — 11:15 AM Grandmaster Rogelio Antonio most active player on
Amusing article about how the filipino grandmaster has played more than 100,000 games on’s server.
Nov 08 — 11:11 AM Topalov's manager critiizes choice of Moscow as host of the Candidates
Perhaps not surprising, as Topalov has not been on good terms with the Russians since the 2006 World Championship match in Elista.
Nov 08 — 11:07 AM Big report on World Youth and Cadets Championship
The article is filled with many photographs of the winners, with a special focus on India, which took 11 medals, including five gold.
Nov 08 — 10:56 AM Review of Kasparov's "Winter Is Coming" in The New York Times
The review by a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist is harshly critical of the book’s analysis that Putin is aggressive because Obama is weak.
The New York Times
Nov 05 — 4:53 PM India dominates World Youth and Cadets Championship
India came away with 11 medals, five of them gold. Russia and the United States each won four medals, but none of them were gold.
World Youth & Cadet Championship
Oct 31 — 10:59 PM Another tribute to Emory Tate, this time from a student
Todd Andrews writes about the life of Tate, who died unexpectedly two weeks ago during a tournament. The tribute includes some of his many brilliant combinations and attacks, including his victory over Leonid Yudasin in 1997, when Yudasin was still among the world’s top players.
Oct 31 — 10:42 PM Karpov qualifies for final of Cap d'Agde tournament
Karpov beat Romain Edouard of France in the semifinal and will face Laurent Fressinet of France in the final. Fressinet advanced after beating Tigran Gharamian of Armenia in the other semifinal.
Oct 29 — 11:29 PM New Exhibitions at the World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis
One exhibition, called “Kings, Queens & Castles,” gives an introduction to the game. The other exhibition, “Ladies’ Knight: A Female Perspective on Chess,” is an exhibition of 12 female artists were inspired by the game to create artwork that explores societal issues.
World Chess Hall of Fame
Oct 29 — 11:22 PM Review of Kasparov's new book on Russian politics, "Winter Is Coming"
The review summarizes Kasparov’s involvement in Russian politics after his retirement from chess in 2005, and his criticisms of western naivete about President Putin.
Wall St. Journal
Oct 29 — 11:17 PM Five rounds finished in massive World Youth and Cadet Championship
The championship is being held in Greece and runs through November 6. There are players there from dozens of countries.
World Youth and Cadet Championships
Oct 24 — 11:35 AM Kasparov and Leong banned for two years
The World Chess Federation has banned former World Champion Garry Kasparov and Ignatius Leong from participating or being involved in any federation events for two years.
Oct 19 — 10:35 AM Emory Tate, popular American international master, dies
Tate, who was for many years one of the best blitz players in the United States, died while playing in a tournament in California. An excellent tribute at
Oct 18 — 4:17 PM Chess teacher fights off attacker, saves class, goes back to work
A 75-year-old Illinois chess teacher saved his class from a knive-wielding assailant last week. The teacher, who was in the armed-services 50 years ago and used his training to confront the attacker, had his hand badly slashed, but said he will be holding class as usual this week. Who says chess players aren’t tough?
Oct 17 — 3:58 PM Hou wins first Women's Grand Prix
She finished two points ahead of her nearest competitors — Mariya Muzychuk of Ukraine, the reigning Women’s World Champion, and Humpy Koneru of India. Hou lost only one game, to Koneru, but she beat Muzychuk, whom she will face in a match for the title next year.
Oct 15 — 1:21 PM Gull is the surprising leader of the Computer Chess Championship
Gull is a full point ahead of Komodo and two points ahead of Stockfish after 10 rounds.
Oct 14 — 3:57 PM The story of the nude woman playing chess with Duchamp
A Vanity Fair article about the reissue of a book by Eve Babitz, the nude woman in the well-known photograph (which is reproduced in the Vanity Fair article). The article is long, but the story behind the photo is at the bottom of it. Duchamp was a huge fan of chess and even played for the French national team in the 1933 Olympiad.
Oct 13 — 8:39 AM Nakamura Wins Millionaire Open
The American grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, the top-ranked player in the competition, had to fight to make it into the final four. But then he had no trouble in the final, winning the $100,000 first prize. Le Quang Liem of Vietnam was the runner-up.
Oct 12 — 11:15 AM Hou Leads First Women's Grand Prix
After eight rounds, Hou Yifan, the former Women’s World Champion, leads the first Grand Prix in Monaco. Mariya Muzychuk, the current champion, is in second, only a half point behind.
Oct 12 — 10:07 AM Semifinalists set at Millionaire Open
The four qualifiers for the final of Millionaire Monday, with first prize of $100,000 up for grabs, are Hikaru Nakamura, Yu Yangyi, Le Quang Liem and Aleksandr Lenderman.
Oct 12 — 9:51 AM Short fictionalized film of Kasparov's loss to Deep Blue
In the film, a human operator intervenes to help the machine, just as Kasparov said happened in his 1997 match. The includes a humorous use of the famous Kasparov vs. the Pepsi machine commercial.
Oct 11 — 12:43 AM Wall Street Journal on cheating in chess
How cheating is becoming more high-tech — and what efforts are underway to try to stop it.
Oct 11 — 12:37 AM Anand on Fischer and the Cold War
Interview with the ex-world champion, in which he talks about the movie “Pawn Sacrifice,” chess during the Cold War and meeting Bobby Fischer.