The World Chess Rapid
and Blitz Championship 2015
In an exclusive interview with Worldchess, Edward Zwick, the director of ‘Pawn Sacrifice,’ describes his goals for the film and what he learned about Fischer while making the movie.
Oct 09 — 11:00 AM
Oct 09 — 11:01 AM

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Magnus Carlsen is the defending champion in both events, but there will be plenty of ex-champions and other top players trying to unseat him in the tournaments in Berlin.
A columnist writes that the positive elements of Fischer’s legacy overshadow the negatives ones.
Even some elite players, who are otherwise good strategic thinkers, have failed to adequately use these powerful networking and marketing tools.
The reigning titleholder’s suggestion last month to do away with the current system and replace it with a yearly elimination tournament has started a debate about the best way to determine the champion.

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The second-oldest club in the United States is celebrating its centenary with a series of events this fall, including commemorating its past champions — some of whom were the best players in the world.


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Klimt vs Carlsen
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