In an elite tournament in Spain, Alexander Morozevich was all set to take home the top prize. But Axel Bachmann upended his plans.

The Ciutat de Barcelona Magistrale is a little known but extremely strong tournament. Its small size is perhaps the reason for its obscurity, but having played the event myself in 2013, I can personally attest to it’s premier quality. This year’s event seemed to be all but over going into the final round, with top-seeded Alexander Morozevich a full point ahead of the field. But then he unraveled in his final game, allowing his opponent, Axel Bachmann, to overtake him.


Samuel Shankland is a United States grandmaster ranked No. 7 in the country. He is a professional player and recipient of the Samford Fellowship in 2013, the most prestigious award in the United States for young chess players. He is at @GMShanky on Twitter and is also on Facebook.