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We revolutionize chesS

At World Chess, we bring this philosophy to life by reinventing chess for both the digital age and real-world experiences across all our products.

Our vision is to build a global, leading intellectual sport brand by reinventing chess for the modern consumer through our ecosystem

We make online chess gaming awesome

The FIDE Online Arena is the Official International Chess Federation (FIDE) Gaming Platform and the only chess site in the world where players can receive FOA titles recognized by FIDE.

Arena is operated by World Chess, the organizer of the iconic 2016 and 2018 World Chess Championships.

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We launch OTB clubs across the cities

Come to have a coffee, play a game of chess on a terrace with your friends, and have one of the famous chess cocktails at the bar. Book a table if you are coming with a group of friends!

The club does not require a membership. Come any time. You don’t have to be good at chess to enjoy a visit.

Enjoy the best coffee at WCCB
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We produce the best chess sets and chess products

This store is the home of the celebrated official Championship Chess Set. 

Designed by Pentagram, this is the only chess set in the world approved by FIDE for use in the World Chess Championship matches and have been exclusively used in the Matches since 2013 by Magnus Carlsen and his opponents. 

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Business inquiries

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For any media inquiries, including social media please contact Karina Bolshenkova, communications manager ›

The story

World Chess was founded in 2012 with the aim to promote the mass market appeal of chess globally. We achieve this through our ecosystem of commercial offerings of different chess related activities, including the organisation of top-level tournaments, operation of the official online gaming platform of the International Chess Federation (“FIDE”) and other sport, lifestyle, social activities and merchandise related to chess.

Our vision is to build a global, leading intellectual sport brand by reinventing chess for the modern consumer. We intend to do this by becoming the leading platform for the global chess community through online, in person and hybrid chess events and activities, and by providing complementary product offerings to players, spectators, and partners through our ecosystem.

World Chess is a long-term commercial partner of FIDE and holds exclusive rights for the official FIDE online chess gaming platform, commercial rights to the FIDE Grand Prix Series as well as its proprietary products, including Armageddon Series.

World Chess is headquartered in London with offices in Berlin and Tbilisi but operates internationally.

Design Excellence

World Chess is credited with being responsible for the recent surge in the popularity of the sport. The company puts emphasis on design and the way chess is presented to the fans and observers alike.

The company took on rebranding the sport with assistance from Pentagram and other top design firms and eventually changed the way chess looks, both offline and online. World Chess is behind the most important chess design innovations in recent history, ranging from chesscasting, a way to show live chess events, to the first ever virtual reality chess broadcast, to the most talked-about World Chess Championship match logo in the history of chess, to the tools to convert chess moves to a unique piece of music.


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No 1 Royal Exchange

London, England


+44 7464 275115


Mittelstraße 51-52

10117 Berlin, Germany

+49 176 830 88 799

Representative: Nadia Panteleeva

World Chess Events Limited

United Kingdom, London

Eastcastle House, 27/28

Eastcastle Street

+44 20 3545 4259

World Chess Club Berlin 

Mittelstraße 51-52

10117 Berlin, Germany

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Representative: Nadia Panteleeva

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