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Commercial Products

Direct link to a billion chess fans

Innovative products developed with a love for chess and deep understanding of the market that allow partners to build a relationship with a vibrant global community of chess fans and (sometimes) become a part of history.

Clash of Claims II

World Chess is organizing Clash of Claims 2, set to feature a rematch between Kramnik and Martínez. This major media-friendly event is scheduled to take place in London in August 2024. It promises to be a significant spectacle, aiming to further the narrative of fair play and integrity in chess while providing thrilling entertainment for the global chess community.

Armageddon 2025

A new season of the most televised chess series in the world is coming back on a TV screen near you. Heart rate monitoring, chess stars, chess pieces flying around — all of it in a new season of Armageddon, organized by World Chess in the vibrant studio pavilion in Berlin.

Swiss Queens Wednesdays

The most important online tournament series for women takes place on every Wednesday. An event is the strongest online tournament series and it supports women’s chess as well as keeps the best female atheletes in shape.

Blitz TV

Each sport has the marquee TV program. For chess, it’s Blitz. Produced by World Chess, the program covers everything there is to know about the sport. A monthly magazine style program airs on more than 60 channels worldwide.

Reach out to our partnerships team to talk about these products and other innovative ways to add chess to your communication toolbox.