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A chess train in the Moscow metro

On the 2022 New Year’s Eve, a chess train was launched in the Moscow metro, which is literally a mobile gallery of chess history.

Photo: E.Samarina /

The train runs along the Sokolnicheskaya line (red line), the oldest in the Moscow metro, and it has five themed cars with the history of the game, the chess evolution in the Soviet Union and in Russia, the world’s elite players, some of the most important games, representations of chess in art, theater, literature, cinema and of course the black and white pieces in a spectacular architectural sight.

Chess legend Anatoly Karpov, general producer of the Chess musical and Artistic Director of the MDM Theater Dmitry Bogachev, Deputy CEO on Client Services and Passenger Work of the Moscow Metro Yulia Temnikova, General Director of MTS Entertainment Mikhail Minin, and the CFR Chess Museum’s curator, Candidate of Historical Sciences Dmitry Oleinikov took part in the launch of the underground museum on wheels.

The new themed train’s addition to the Moscow Metro is a joint effort of the International Chess Federation (FIDE), the Chess Federation of Russia, the Broadway Moscow Theater Company, and MTS Entertainment, and will run for 6 months.

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