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Anatoly Karpov Hospitalized in Serious Condition

Breaking News — Former World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov hospitalized today. According to Russian telegram channels, Karpov was found unresponsive early in the morning near the State Duma (Russsian Parliament) building. He was rushed to the hospital and is now in the intensive care unit.

Anatoly Karpov

According to the media, Karpov suffered serious head injury and hip fracture. According to unconfirmed reports, his blood alcohol level was extremely high.

Karpov, a former World Chess Champion, has been active in chess and Russian politics. He is a member of the Russian Duma.

Update: Karpov’s assistant and the 2021 Candidates Tournament organizer Albert Stepanyan said to TASS, Russian Newswire service, that Karpov is in stable condition and suffered no injuries. Stepayan also refuted the claim that Karpov was a victim of assault.

Update: According to Meduza, Karpov accidentally fell down and suffered head trauma. He is currently under observation in a hospital.

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