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Magnus Carlsen Rotates His Suits According to the Color of His Pieces

The World Chess Championship Match is a fascinating (and yes, very long) affair where some of the fastest-thinking people in the world battle for the championship title and millions of dollars that come with it.

There are incredible moments there, new chess ideas are introduced and new trends set. The 14-game event where each game takes up to 8 hours is also a bit of a sartorial exercise in which the players wear suits (yes, there is a dress code) and try to look the part. Magnus Carlsen, the defending World Champion, has mastered this task with his signature systematic approach. He has two sets of suits, for black and white pieces. Very convenient, and also a useful piece of infographics for those who see images from the playing hall in the media — they will instantly know whether Carlsen has black or white today.

Magnus Carlsen’s look to match the White pieces on the board. Photo: FIDE
Carlsen’s Black pieces look. Photo: FIDE

Ian Nepomniachtchi went for a classic three piece suit for the match, and tends to remove his jacket, exposing a waistcoat, when the situation on the board gets tense — this way commentators know that things will get messy (to the degree that things can get messy in chess).

Nepo’s classic three-piece suit look. Photo: FIDE

Follow the games live on World Chess.

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