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Ding Liren, World’s Number 3, Replaced in the Grand Prix Series

FIDE, chess governing body, announced today that Ding Liren, a Chinese Grandmaster and world’s number 3, has been replaced in the Grand Prix Series by Russian chess player Andreikin. According to the officials, Ding was unable to get the EU visa, and now he effectively looses the chance to qualify for the Candidates Tournament that is planned for June 2022.

Ding is one of the strongest players in the world and would be among the favorites to win the Candidates, but he was not able to qualify for the tournament amid the recently changed qualification criteria and his visa mishaps.

The news that Ding is likely to miss the Candidates has circulated on chess Twitter and created an outcry from the chess professionals and fans.

Peter Heine Nielsen, a long-time coach of Magnus Carlsen, wrote on Twitter: “A Ding-Radjabov match with the winner getting a spot in the candidates tournament, would be the least worst solution”.

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