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FIDE Lodges Complaint Against Nakamura for Dress Code Violation

FIDE, chess governing body, apparently questioned Hikaru Nakamura’s sense of style by filing a formal complaint against him for violating a dress code of the Candidates Tournament that takes place in Madrid. The incident was first reported by chess-news.

Hikaru Nakamura in Madrid, photo by FIDE/ Maria Emilyanova

According to the chess-news site, Nakamura, the most popular chess streamer in the world, was late with his daily round recap because he had to respond to the complaint. Nakamura looks quite well-dressed, according to the official broadcast, which is an achievement by itself given the heat wave in Madrid.

The Candidates regulations stipulate that the players must wear ‘neat shirt and formal suit’. Nakamura wears a formal shirt, in line with the FIDE requirements, but we are happy to see that the fashion issue is part of the Candidates now. Let’s hope that it stays this way.

We reached out to FIDE for comments.

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