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Hikaru Nakamura is covid positive at the 2021 World Blitz Championship

GM Hikaru Nakamura just announced on Twitter that today he tested positive for covid, despite yesterday’s negative test.

Photo: World Chess

The international streamer wasn’t feeling very well during the first day of the World Blitz Championship, and he immediately contacted FIDE. After a negative test, he didn’t interrupt his tournament but today along with his positive test, Nakamura expressed his concern about his opponents.

Earlier, the American GM has tweeted his disappointment to FIDE on the fact that they don’t have a private covid testing procedure, so that hundreds of players don’t line up at the public testing facilities.

A couple of days ago, GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave noted the fact that a lot of players need to “fit aside a single bus”, which raised some questions around FIDE’s safety policy.

On their behalf, FIDE informed the chess world about the “wide-open” space in which the current Championships are taking place, as well as the positive tests that came through today.

The whole team of World Chess and FIDE Online Arena wishes everyone a fast recovery!

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