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India is out of the World Cup after Vidit’s Loss

Polish Grandmaster Jan-Krzysztof Duda knocked out the last Indian chess player out of the FIDE World Cup.

Photo by Eric Rosen/FIDE

Duda managed to dominate in the game and ended up playing an edgy, but definitely comfortable endgame with a knight for three pawns, which granted him a spot to the Semifinals against Magnus Calrsen. His win makes him the first Polish player in chess history to reach the semifinals of a FIDE World Cup and fans are already debating on his chances against the World Champion.

Nigel Short, FIDE vice-president and former challenger for the title,commented on a crucial point of the game: “People are saying Vidit should resign right now. No! He should resign when it is 100% clear he’s going to lose. If you’ve got even a 1% chance of saving this, then you should continue. And he’s not getting mated immediately!”

Vidit’s top performance earned him a spot in the FIDE Grand Prix 2022, the price of $35,000 and new fans among the  grandmasters and chess influencers.

We are looking forward to following Vidit’s games at the FIDE Grand Prix 2022.

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