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Nepo Lost. What’s Next?

There is no mercy rule in chess, and game 6 of the World Chess Championship match in Dubai lasted a record 136 moves and almost 8 hours, going well into the next day. Carlsen won, but now both players have to race to their hotels and try to recover before game 7, which will take place on the very same day when game 6 ended. It’s a first for the Championship matches.

Photo: David Lliada, FIDE

The sheer amount of stress in this chess marathon is phenomenal and the match probably moved from a game of skill into a competition of endurance — something Carlsen is known for in the chess world. He is likely to press for advantage while Nepo, having to win on demand, will be under a lot of pressure both physically and mentally. And let’s hope he stays off Twitter!

There were a number of eye-popping records in game 6: the longest in history of the matches, the biggest number of moves, went into the next day, and the first decisive game in more than 5 years. However, it appears that the match has just started, and the most exciting games are ahead. The challenger is on the ropes, he has nothing to lose, he is tired, but clearly is not giving up.

Game 7 starts t-o-d-a-y. You can follow it live on World Chess

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