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Satisfaction, failure and thoughts on time control — Game 6 press conference

After the longest game in world championship history Magnus and Ian responded to questions from the media representatives.

Magnus Carlsen said “Yes”!

At the after-match press conference Magnus commented that it was an extra pleasure to win after such a long time.

Magnus Carlsen commented on the different time control and time troubles during the Game 6.

“That’s the way it supposed to be. There should be that added element of intrigue with the clock. It’s not entirely pleasant but it’s appropriate”

“Hopefully in style” is how Ian Nepomniachtchi will bounce back

Responding to questions about the sixth game during the press conference, Nepo commented on his defeat: “Sometimes you make mistakes, and that’s quite a human thing. Winning and losing are parts of the game.

Nepo seems set to balance the odds to win, especially as he’s playing white pieces today. An intriguing 7th game day awaits us. You can follow it live on World Chess.

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