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Superbet Chess Classic: Round 3 in Photos

10 elite Grandmasters face each other in the classic round-robin tournament that takes place in Bucharest, Romania. It is staged by and is part of the Grand Chess Tour, a circuit of chess events organized by former world champion Garry Kasparov. Here is Round 3 of the event in photos. All photos by Lennart Ootes, Grand Chess Tour official photographer.

Fabiano Caruana, World’s number 3 at the moment, has 1.5 points after 3 draws.

Richard Rapport vs Bogdan-Daniel Deac. Rapport blundered on move 40 and lost an important game to the young Romanian GM. This game created a lot of excitement among chess commentators who usually praise Rapport for his measured and precise play.

Alireza Firouzja taking a stroll during his game againt Levon Aronian. The Iran-born star held an overwhelming advantage against Aronian who spent an hour analyzing his position after a blunder. The game was expected to end with a full point to Alireza but Aronian magically managed to hold the position and turn it into a draw.

Following the game, Aronian was very pleased by the result and posed for photos with fans.

Wesley So is back in Europe again after a quick trip to the US. So just won the FIDE World Chess Grand Prix in Berlin and is now back to take part in the Superbet Chess Classic. So is at the top of the board with 2 points. He drew against his compatriot Fabiano Caruana in Round 3.

Nepo is also leading the pack with two points. All eyes are on his performance after the disastrous 2021 World Chess Championship match. He needs to be in his best shape in a month to try to win the Candidates Tournament which will take place in Madrid in a month.

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