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World Chess Championship: No Surprises, It’s a Draw

The third game of the 2021 World Chess Championship between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi drew after 41 moves.

Photos: FIDE (Niki Riga and Eric Rosen)

GM Anish Giri has tweeted his predictions for today’s game, and as in game one, he was proved right! After months of preparation the defending World Champion and the Challenger dived into a quiet simple Spanish, which made the fans wonder if Nepo ruined his chances as White.

After game’s two tension, today’s match felt like a walk on the beach, following mainstream opening paths. Magnus seemed to use overthinking as a psychological trick, but the decisions he finally made led to a rather balanced middle-game and the third draw of the World Championship 2021.

At the Press Conference, Magnus expressed his need for a rest day and they agreed with Ian on their plans to watch sports and exercise!

The match is best-of-14 games with a prize fund of 2 million euros, with 60 percent for the winner. Each win is worth a point and each draw is half point. The first player to reach 7.5 points will be the winner. (If the match should be tied after 14 games, the players will proceed to a series of tie-breaker games.) It’s two more games than in the 2018 World Championship Match.

The venue for the event is in downtown Dubai at the Dubai Expo.

The match’s sponsors include Algorand, a leading blockchain company; Kaspersky, the official cyber security partner; and PhosAgro, a giant international fertilizer group.

Games start at 12:30 UTC. You can follow the games live on World Chess.

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