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Firouzja Alireja becomes the youngest chess player to cross 2800

The European Team Championship has finished with Ukraine getting their first gold medals. The above the fold story of the event though is Alireza Firouzja

 1540   6 mo   Alireza Firouzja   event report

Firouzja Is Number 2 In the World. We Just Have to Deal With It

Prior to 2020, there was only one star in chess — Magnus Carlsen. The main plot of the chess world for years has been to sarcastically watch who out of the top players will manage to win the Candidates

 19380   6 mo   Alireza Firouzja   Candidates 2022   Main feature

Firouzja wins Grand Swiss and qualifies for the 2022 Candidates Tournament

The FIDE Grand Swiss is over and the 18-year-old GM Alireza Firouzja is the big winner with a remarkable 8/11 score and a ticket to the 2022 Candidates Tournament

 4019   6 mo   Alireza Firouzja   event report   Fabiano Caruana   Main feature

Grand Swiss: Firouzja is Sole Leader After Round 8

Tournament leader, 18-year old Alireza Firouzja scored another victory in the Grand Swiss in Riga. He won as White against Krishnan Sasikiran securing that he alone is at the top before Round Nine

 1059   6 mo   Alireza Firouzja   Grand Swiss   Main feature   MVL

In Riga, Everyone Is Watching Firouzja Becoming the Next World Champion, Maybe

There are 109 players in FIDE Grand Swiss, a large 11-round tournament that recently became a part of the World Chess Championship cycle, but after four rounds...

 4750   6 mo   Alireza Firouzja   event report   Grand Swiss   Main feature
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