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Candidates Round 13 — Nepo is the next challenger

Nepomniachtchi qualified for the World Chess Championship match against Carlsen with a draw in Round 13

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Candidates Round 12 — The “other” won again

Round 12 of the FIDE Candidates Tournament is over, and there were 4 decisive games! It’s very rare to have so many decisive games at such a high level

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Candidates Round 11 — King of draws, who?

Another win for GM Anish Giri at the FIDE Candidates Tournament, a crucial win that brings him half a point behind Ian Nepomniachtchi

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Candidates Breakdown Round 11

Boris Gelfand joins the Breakdown studio to discuss Round 11 of the Candidates tournament

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Candidates Round 9 — Giri beats Wang Hao

Another day, many more great games from the World’s best Grandmasters. So what happened at R9 of the #FIDECandidates Tournament yesterday?

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