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Norway Chess: Karjakin beats the World Champion and his challenger in two days

Sergey Karjakin, the 2016 challenger, had beaten the World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, in a classical game in Round 5 of the Norway Chess Tournament

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Is Carlsen out of Form in Norway Chess?

Magnus Carlsen is playing in his last big event before the World Chess Championship Match and appears out of form, almost losing to Alireza Firouzja and Aryan Tari in Norway Chess Tournament

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Did Judit Polgar just discover a new chess prodigy?

Judit Polgar gave a simul in the “Zakovat Gambit” Chess Championship in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, and it seems that there was a young chess player who impressed her

 2019   25 d   event report   Judit Polgar   Rustam Kasimdzhanov

Hikaru Nakamura: from Twitch superstar to 27 on-board rounds undefeated

The American GM and streamer (1.1mln subscribers on YouTube) Hikaru Nakamura, dominated at the Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz Tournament without losing a single game

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India is out of the World Cup after Vidit’s Loss

Duda managed to dominate in the game and ended up playing an edgy, but definitely comfortable endgame with a knight for three pawns, which granted him a spot to the Semifinals against Magnus Calrsen

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