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India is out of the World Cup after Vidit’s Loss

Duda managed to dominate in the game and ended up playing an edgy, but definitely comfortable endgame with a knight for three pawns, which granted him a spot to the Semifinals against Magnus Calrsen

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Esipenko Loses to Carlsen; Becomes Everyone’s Favorite Chess Player

Andrey Esipenko, a 19 year old Grandmaster from Russia, almost managed to knock-out the World Chess Champion out of the FIDE World Cup

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Candidates Round 8 — Nepo at the top

What a start for the Candidates’ resume with Caruana and Alekseenko scoring after several hours and Nepomniachtchi reaching the top as a sole leader with 5 points

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Nepo Leads the Candidates by 0.5 Point

The Candidates Tournament resumed today after a 390-day Covid break. Yan Nepomniachtchi emerged as a sole leader after drawing with Anish Giri...

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