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“I am not willing to play chess with Niemann” Carlsen on the cheating scandal

After a record-breaking result at the Julius Baer Generation Cup, Magnus Carlsen decided to make a statement – as promised – on the Niemann situation, in which the World Champion directly accused Hans

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“I cannot particularly speak on that” Magnus Carlsen on Hans Niemann

Magnus Carlsen is currently thriving at the Julius Baer Generation Cup Prelims but his resignation on move 2 against Niemann a couple of days ago overshadowed all success

Magnus Carlsen Asks Everyone to Read His Mind

In a cryptic interview full of smiles and innuendo, Magnus Carlsen said that Hans Niemann cheated. At least that’s what we can understand from ‘drawing our own conclusions’

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Carlsen chose drama against Niemann, resigned after move 2

The Niemann-Carlsen game at the Julius Baer Generation Cup was the most anticipated one after the recent chess cheating scandal, but the World Champion chose to resign on move 2

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Hans Niemann publicly blaming Hikaru Nakamura. Is it payback?

After a couple of loud days full of tweets, streams, and drama, Hans Niemann decided to respond to his critics and directly ask Nakamura’s comments on his late interview...

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