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Duda got “Bongclouded” by Nakamura

GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda played the Bongcloud opening against GM Hikaru Nakamura at the Chesscom Global Championship 2022 and the American streamer was not happy

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Hikaru Nakamura is the new Fischer Random World Champion

Hikaru Nakamura is not only a successful streamer but also a brilliant OTB player who got his first World Title by winning the FIDE World Fischer Random Chess Championship in Reykjavik

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Nakamura’s fortune is estimated around $50 million

El Pais published an article claiming that GM Hikaru Nakamura is the world’s wealthiest chess player

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Nakamura fundraises for the abortion rights

The professional streamer and chess superstar Hikaru Nakamura announced on Twitter that he is fundraising for the abortion rights

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FIDE Lodges Complaint Against Nakamura for Dress Code Violation

FIDE, chess governing body, apparently questioned Hikaru Nakamura’s sense of style by filing a formal complaint against him for violating a dress code of the Candidates Tournament that takes place in Madrid...

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