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Norway Chess: Karjakin beats the World Champion and his challenger in two days

Sergey Karjakin, the 2016 challenger, had beaten the World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, in a classical game in Round 5 of the Norway Chess Tournament

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Jan-Krzysztof Duda wins FIDE World Cup 2021

23-year-old Grandmaster, Jan-Krzysztof Duda, climbed to the top of the FIDE World Cup with a decisive win against Sergey Karjakin in the final

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Duda knocks out the Champion from the World Cup; Qualifies for the Candidates

The 23-year old Polish GM, Jan-Krzysztof Duda, faced Magnus Carlsen today at the FIDE World Cup, and knocked out the World Champion in a second rapid game

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A Look Back at How Another Russian Became The Challenger (a Film)

Back in 2016, Sergey Karjakin, the Russian grandmaster, won the Candidates Tournament and earned the right to challenge Magnus Carlsen

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Looking Back at the Recent Space Chess Game

On June 9 of 2020, the second ever chess match between Space and Earth took place in the main hall of the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics

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