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Magnus Carlsen (born 30 November 1990) is the Norwegian Grandmaster and current World Chess Champion. He is also the highest-rated player of all time and number one in the FIDE Elo rating list.

The Winner of the Algorand Chess Tournament Will Receive a Trip to Dubai

Algorand, the official blockchain partner of the 2021 World Chess Championship, is holding a series of online chess tournaments to celebrate the upcoming Match

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Norway Chess: Karjakin beats the World Champion and his challenger in two days

Sergey Karjakin, the 2016 challenger, had beaten the World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, in a classical game in Round 5 of the Norway Chess Tournament

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Is Carlsen out of Form in Norway Chess?

Magnus Carlsen is playing in his last big event before the World Chess Championship Match and appears out of form, almost losing to Alireza Firouzja and Aryan Tari in Norway Chess Tournament

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Nepo to Face Carlsen in Norway 90 days Before the Match

In less than 90 days, the Russian challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi will face his friend and fierce rival Magnus Carlsen in the World Chess Championship match that looks like an existential dilemma of Shakespearean

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Magnus Carlsen: “How can I ever show up at a chess tournament again?”

Wolfgang Wee Uncut is a conversation-based in-depth podcast that hosted the World Champion, Magnus Carlsen a couple of days ago

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