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Ian Nepomniachtchi

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Ian Nepomniachtchi at the FIDE World Chess Grand Prix. Nepo won the Grand Prix Series, later he won the Candidates tournament and is currently the challenger to the World Champion title. The Match will take place in November 2021.

Ian Nepomniachtchi is a Russian Grandmaster, currently #4 in the world according to FIDE’s rating list. After winning the 2021 Candidates Tournament, he will be the challenger in the World Chess Championship Match against the incumbent champion Magnus Carlsen.

Nepo Beats Firouzja, Carlsen’s Preferred Opponent

Ian Nepomniachtchi (Nepo), Russian Grandmaster and 2021 Championship challenger, beat Alireza Firouzja with White in Round 2 of Superbet Chess Classic

 2225   21 d   Afghanistan   Alireza Firouzja   Main feature   Nepo

Russians Partially Blame Dubov For Nepo’s Massive Loss

Yesterday, Magnus Carlsen retained his World Chess Championship title in a Match against Ian Nepomniachtchi

The Last Game: Magnus Retains His World Champion Title Ahead of Schedule

‘Time to say Dubai’ came to an end with Magnus Carlsen retaining his Title over Ian Nepomniachtchi, with a 7

 2817   5 mo   Magnus Carlsen   Main feature   Match 2021   Nepo

Time To Say Dubai: Round 11 of the Match

World Chess Championship Stream Live from Dubai

 961   5 mo   Magnus Carlsen   Main feature   Nepo

Carlsen is a point away from the Title

Game 10 of the World Chess Championship 2021 between the World Champion Magnus Carlsen and the Challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi ended in a draw after 41 moves

 2339   5 mo   Magnus Carlsen   Main feature   Match 2021   Nepo
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