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Masterclass with GM Boris Gelfand

A six-time World Championship Candidate, and 2012 Challenger, GM Boris Gelfand, is hosting a 3-part Masterclass, to teach us how pieces play in the middlegame, starting on the 22nd of October.

Niki Riga for World Chess

For decades Boris Gelfand has been one of the best chess players in the world. He is known for his deep analyses, passion for chess, and his admiration for Akiba Rubinstein.

In an interview with ChessBase Gelfand said:

“Many things have changed. Nowadays everyone has access to huge databases. A lot of high-level chess has been played in these 30 years and it helped to reassess a lot of positions. Engines have become an important part of chess and helped to open the boundaries of a chess game.

30 years ago it was important to get information. Nowadays we are overloaded with it. It is much more important to analyze it and to make correct conclusions. However, the key factors to success are the same: talent, work ethic, a strong character, and believing in one’s vision of chess.”

Boris Gelfand is a six-time World Championship candidate (1991, 1994–95, 2002, 2007, 2011, 2013), Boris won the Chess World Cup 2009 and the 2011 Candidates Tournament, making himself a challenger for the World Chess Championship 2012.

Gelfand has also won major tournaments at Wijk aan Zee, Tilburg, Moscow, Linares, and Dos Hermanas. He has competed in eleven Chess Olympiads and held a place within the top 30 players ranked by FIDE from January 1990 to October 2017.

The Soviet-born Israeli GM has a tough-to-pin-down style. He has been praised for positional chess and the endgame alike but doesn’t seem to shy away from other areas.

As he hinted in an interview with ChessPro, a Russian chess website, the most accurate answer may be that he has no singular style at all when he said:

“My approach is very simple. Each position requires the strongest move, and you need to try and find it. That’s an illusion, of course, because very often you have several moves which are all good and even. Perhaps it’s more practical not to spend too much time and make one move out of three-five possible moves and save time. Of course, when you can find the strongest move, the game is wonderful, and you feel proud to create such an artistic performance. You haven’t simply won an ordinary game but the one that is going to become a part of chess history, I would rather say.”

Gelfand’s Masterclass Schedule:

October 22nd, 2021 — How to get the best squares for your pieces
November 2021 — How to play against opponents pieces
December 2021 — Original routes for the pieces

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So & Yip the big winners of 2021 US Chess Championships

Wesley So won the tiebreaks against Caruana and Sevian to grab for the third time the title of the US Champion, while Carissa Yip finished clear first with the last round to spare, winning the 2021 US Women’s Championship triumphantly!

Photo: Lennart Ootes

Fabiano Caruana, Wesley So, and Sam Sevian finished the 2021 US Championship, on Monday the 18th of October, sharing first place on 6½/11 points. A rapid round-robin tournament (10 minutes plus 2-second increments) decided the winner and brought So to first place.

What’s remarkable is that the Philippine-born American GM, has also won the 2017 U.S. Championship by defeating Alexander Onischuk in a rapid playoff tiebreak, and the 2020 U.S. Championship with a score of 9/11 and an unbeaten performance, compared by some commentators to the dominant performances of Bobby Fischer in the 1960s.

While commenting on his victory in the interview with GM Maurice Ashley, So acted very humble, and said: “I thought the tournament was pretty much over by yesterday, Fabiano almost won three games in a row. It just gave me a new breath of life that the tournament was not yet over, that I might still have some chances. I just wanted to play fast today and make some good moves. Fabi plays for a win with both colors, soon I found myself in a very difficult position. Probably, in the endgame, he missed a win somewhere. I was playing with no pressure: I did not expect this playoff, so I was just playing chess: if chances come, good, if I lose, that’s fine.”

On the other hand, the U.S Women’s Championship had less tension, but still thrilling games by IM Carissa Yip, who eventually won the tournament.

Photo: Lennart Ootes

With a remarkable 8½/11 score, the Bostonian IM, amazed everyone with her performance a bit over a month after she turned 18 years old. Yip is the highest-rated U20 woman player in the world, in the TOP50 of the live women’s rating list, and with an outstanding career so far.

In 2014 at the New England Open, Yip became the youngest female player (10 years old) to beat a grandmaster, and only two years later, in 2016, Yip participated in the US Women’s Championship for the first time. Also, in February 2020 she became the youngest American woman in history to earn the title of International Master.

The Algorand Series: the Final

Algorand, the official blockchain partner of the 2021 World Chess Championship, is holding a series of online chess tournaments to celebrate the upcoming Championship Match between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi.

World Chess is streaming the Final on Youtube on October 24th at 14:50 UTC, with commentator GM Evgeny Miroshnichenko, and the special guest WGM Dina Belenkaya.

Subscribe to our channel and become a part of this festivity!

Let’s go throw the rules and prizes:

To qualify for the Final, which will be held on October the 24th, a player has to finish in the top five (i.e 1-5 inclusive) in one of the 4 qualifying tournaments.

The prize winner and a guest will receive a 4-day trip to Dubai and tickets for the first round of the Championship match.

The second-place winner will receive the famous Academy chess set, the first-ever set that is produced in plastic in exactly the same design as the famous official World Chess Championship set that is used in the World Chess Championship!

The third-place winner will get a one-year subscription to the FIDE Online Arena, the official chess gaming platform, to play for the official online ratings and titles recognized by FiDE.

The Series launched on September the 26th and completed the last qualifying tournament on October the 20th. More than 4,000 players from all around the world participated and the 20 who reached the top five of each tournament will face each other at the Final!

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What’s New on FIDE Online Arena: October 2021

New features and updates for the FIDE Online Arena, the official FIDE gaming platform, are being introduced every week. Here we are keeping you up-to-date with the latest.

The board just got bigger!

The board became much bigger — the design has been updated following users’ feedback. The signature Arena interface stays the same, with the chess board in the center of the screen (just like in over-the-board games!), menu and options are on the left of the board, and the notation — on the right. The playing area looks beautiful.

Board now takes substantial part of the screen real estate and works excellent on both desktops and mobile devices

Notation works in the game review mode

When you click on the previous moves in a live or finished game, the screen changes to a game review mode — a dark board with ‘game review’ on top so you know that you are not looking at a live position. The mode changes to ‘live’ whenever a move is made.

Chat is back

Now chats are available in both tournaments and individual games. Chat technology is completely rebuilt and is now based on Amazon’s system. In tournaments, chat is available in the lobby (only players who are registered for the tournament can post messages). In individual games, chat is available under options. When you receive a message, a smart indicator alerts you on the message but does not disrupt the view and your game.

Game history in players’ profiles is better structured

Now game history in your profile is structured in a convenient way — you see the most recent games at the top, and the rest of the history is grouped by week and month. You can still see individual games when you want to, but you can also see your results and rating changes by week and month.

Broadcasts: New Feature

You can now follow top over-the-board events on World Chess under the Watch section. Follow live events, and soon you will be able to stream your own events on World Chess as well. Contact us if you’d like to stream your event now.

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FOA Rating and Title Are Now Part of Your FIDE Profile

Pro Members of the FIDE Online Arena, the official FIDE chess gaming platform will now see their FOA rating and title included in their profile on

Many players begin their chess journey by playing online, and FIDE Online Arena aims to make the online experience resemble over-the-board chess. By playing online, new players can join the chess community and later take a new step in their chess career and participate in over-the-board chess — in national and global events.

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