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Arena Shorts with GM Vidit Gujrathi

Introducing a new format! Every month, the FIDE Online Arena ambassadors will be featuring news and highlights of the platform in Arena Shorts videos...

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FIDE Online Arena Unveils Free Analysis and Key Moments Feature

Post-game express analysis and key moments feature is now available for all games on FIDE Online Arena

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Join Vidit’s 2nd Open Arena Tournament

On May 30, the Indian superstar and FIDE Online Arena Ambassador Vidit Gujrathi will play and stream the 2nd Open Arena Tournament on Arena, and the winner will receive a pocket chess set signed by Vidit

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World Chess Introduces Prize Money Tournaments

World Chess today introduced Prize Money Tournaments — online tournaments with entry fees and monetary prizes

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FIDE Online Arena Weekly Digest

There’s a lot going on in the official FIDE gaming platform! We’ve set up a FIDE Online Arena news digest to keep you up-to-date

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