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FIDE Online Arena Makes a Move To a New Domain:

Finally, a domain name that you can actually remember

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Norway Chess: Karjakin beats the World Champion and his challenger in two days

Sergey Karjakin, the 2016 challenger, had beaten the World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, in a classical game in Round 5 of the Norway Chess Tournament

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Google Customizes Search Results Display with Chess Pieces

Google customized the way it displays search results for the term ‘chess’. Now the pagination appears as chess pieces, i...

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Rebranding Kerala

World Chess continues to make chess beautiful again, one club at a time

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Is Carlsen out of Form in Norway Chess?

Magnus Carlsen is playing in his last big event before the World Chess Championship Match and appears out of form, almost losing to Alireza Firouzja and Aryan Tari in Norway Chess Tournament

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