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Upcoming Russian Star Matched Against Carlsen in World Cup

Andrey Esipenko, a 19 year old Grandmaster from Russia has beaten his compatriot Danil Dubov in the fourth round of FIDE World Cup and will face the World Champion in Round 5

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Rebranding Hyenas — An African Club You Will Actually Want to Join

World Chess is making chess beautiful one chess club at a time

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Who is the next challenger? Happy Birthday Nepo

What should you absolutely know about the next challenger?

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2022 FIDE Grand Prix Series Announced

Two tickets to the FIDE Candidates Tournament will be decided in a tightly-packed series organized by World Chess...

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Daniel Weil, Renown Architect, on the World Chess Set Design

Daniel Weil, renown architect and designer, took on a mission to reinvent the chess pieces for World Chess...

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