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FOA Rating and Title Are Now Part of Your FIDE Profile

Pro Members of the FIDE Online Arena, the official FIDE chess gaming platform will now see their FOA rating and title included in their profile on FIDE

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FIDE Online Arena Welcomes Pre-move

Is there a place for pre-move on the FIDE Online Arena, the official gaming platform where players can play for an online rating recognized by FIDE?

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Berlin Wins Popular Vote; Will Host the Next Grand Prix Series and Other Events in 2022

Berlin, the capital of Germany, will be the main host of the 2022 Grand Prix Series. The Series, a part of the World Chess Championship circuit, will run from February to April in a bespoke-designed chess

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2022 FIDE Grand Prix Series Announced

Two tickets to the FIDE Candidates Tournament will be decided in a tightly-packed series organized by World Chess...

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Is President Carlsen in FIDE’s Future?

Is President Carlsen in FIDE’s Future? No, we don’t mean the current World Champion. Rather, it is his father, Henrik, who first got his son hooked on the game

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