World Chess


Welcome to the World Chess Club that gets you closer to the action than ever before. You will receive host of benefits including the video broadcast and archives for the World Championship cycle including all the Grand Prix events, the Candidates Tournament and the Championship Match. We pledge that 10% of all club membership fees will go to bolster the prize fund for the World Championship cycle of events.


25 per year

— Official Live Moves;
— Multi-Board View;
— Zoom-in on specific games with full analytics;
— Exclusive Live Video Broadcast;
— Grandmaster Commentary;
— Advanced Analytics with timelines and advantage scores;
— Tournament Textcasts and chats with experts;
— Access to a whole year of content associated with official World Chess Championship cycle tournaments.

Buy for $25 per year
World Chess will be opening official club venues around the world and all members will have exclusive access.

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