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Upcoming Russian Star Matched Against Carlsen in World Cup

Andrey Esipenko, a 19 year old Grandmaster from Russia has beaten his compatriot Danil Dubov in the fourth round of FIDE World Cup and will face the World Champion in Round 5. All eyes will be on this duel because Esipenko has beaten Carlsen earlier this year at Tata Steel Tournament.

Watch the interview where Esipenko goes over his match against Dubov which he won on tiebreaks.

Rebranding Hyenas — An African Club You Will Actually Want to Join

World Chess is making chess beautiful one chess club at a time.

A month ago we invited the chess clubs of the world to apply for a free design facelift by our design team (submit your chess club or federation!). It was an attempt to save the sport from a faceless, boring, and humorless design that has been tormenting chess for decades.

After rummaging through the submissions, we found lots of exceptional chess clubs and institutions (many of which, may we add, have excellent names). There are Shiva’s Academy of Chess from India, Dubai Chess & Culture Club from UAE, and Canadian Aurora Chess Club.

For our inaugural rebranding, we are happy to present Hyenas Chess Club — an African chess club that has 10,000 members.

In the next several weeks, World Chess and FOA will offer clubs an opportunity to create their own page, events, and membership roster — a requested feature for clubs and organizations. Watch this space, comment on the design, and submit your clubs for rebranding.

The club logo is versatile and can be adjusted based on the requirements of the format. The logo lands nicely on a large surface
One can carry a chess set around in a branded shopper
Posters will look good as a stand-alone marketing item or part of the merchandise collection
The logo lands itself well on stationary
The logo looks appealing in a horizontal poster
The sign is an important part of the club’s branding. Very inviting.
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Who is the next challenger? Happy Birthday Nepo

Ian Nepomniachtchi is a Russian GM, World #No4, and the next challenger against Magnus Carlsen!

Today Ian turns 31 🎉🎉

What should you absolutely know about the next challenger?

  1. His nickname is Nepo (short for Nepomniachtchi)
  2. He was born in Bryansk, Russia
  3. In 2002 he won the World Junior Championship U12, barely edging out Carlsen, whom he outrated at that point.
  4. He became a Grandmaster at the age of 17 in 2007
  5. In 2010, Nepomniachtchi won his first Russian Championship, defeating Karjakin in a playoff by drawing an Armageddon game as Black.
  6. He won the 2010 and 2020 Russian Superfinal, the 2010 European Individual titles, the 2016 Tal Memorial, and the 2008 and 2015 Aeroflot Open. He also won the World Team – Chess Championship as a member of the Russian team in Antalya (2013) and Astana (2019), and the 2015 European Team Chess Championship in Reykjavík with the Russian team.
  7. At 28 years of age, Nepo entered the top 10 for the first time, reaching his peak rating to that date of 2773 and thus becoming the highest-rated Russian player.
  8. He has won two silver medals in World Rapid Championships and one in World Blitz Championship.
  9. In April 2021, Ian won the 2020/2021 Candidates tournament with 8.5/14 points, qualifying him to play for the world championship.
  10. He has a brilliant record against world champions. At standard time controls, he has positive scores against GM Vladimir Kramnik, GM Viswanathan Anand, and Magnus Carlsen. He also has positive records against GM Anatoly Karpov, and GM Garry Kasparov in rapid/blitz, the only formats he has played them in.

Download a card about Nepo by clicking here.

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2022 FIDE Grand Prix Series Announced

Two tickets to the FIDE Candidates Tournament will be decided in a tightly-packed series organized by World Chess

Opening ceremony of the 2019 FIDE Grand Prix organized by World Chess in Moscow

FIDE and World Chess are pleased to announce the 2022 Grand Prix Series that will take place in February — April of 2022 and will consist of three tournaments.

The events will take place in one city — a deviation from the typical system where Grand Prix events are hosted in different cities around the world, but a move that will make it easier for the chess players to plan their travel schedule amid the pandemic-related travel and visa restrictions.

The Series will feature 24 players who will compete in two out of three events. Each event will consist of a group stage and then a knock-out. In the group stage, each group will play a round-robin six-round tournament. The system has been improved to reflect the chess community’s feedback regarding the number of classic games: now there are six classic games in the first stage of each event. This further decreases random results and ensures that the players who consistently perform well move to the next stage.

The prize fund for each event is EUR150,000 — a EUR20,000 increase from 2019.

The qualification criteria to the Series has also been revamped to increase the number of players who are selected by events results — 16 out of 24 players qualify for their performance in the World Cup and Grand Swiss. The rest is selected by rating, and two are nominated by FIDE and World Chess respectively.

The events are packed tightly into the first half of 2022 to allow ample time for the Candidates Tournament which is expected to be held in 2022 and a possibility to hold the FIDE Championship Match in the end of 2022 or beginning of 2023, restoring the FIDE Calendar that shifted due to the pandemic.

Arkady Dvorkovich, FIDE President, says: “While we are anxiously waiting for the outcome of the 2021 Match between Magnus Carlsen and Yan Nepomniachtchi, we are looking forward to the next cycle and new players qualifying to beat the World Champion, whoever he might be”.

The Series is organized by World Chess, FIDE commercial partner and official broadcaster. Ilya Merenzon, World Chess CEO, says: “We are currently on the lookout for the best possible city to hold the Series and are so excited to work with the chess fans and ask their opinion of the next chess capital. In the next week, we’ll issue a global call for suggestions and will talk to the chess luminaries and fans around the world to choose this special city”.

Correction: 12 players are selected based on their performance in the Word Cup and Grand Swiss, and 10 player qualify by rating. 2 players are nominated by FIDE and World Chess. Full regulations are available on FIDE website.

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