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World Chess Unveils the First-Ever Chess Map: A Geographical Masterpiece

World Chess is delighted to announce the release of the first-ever chess map of the world that blends the intricate worlds of chess and geography. This unique cartographic creation, where continents and places are crafted from chess openings with geographical names, promises to be a collector’s delight.

Map of the World in 150+ chess openings

The island of Sicily, for instance, is artfully represented by the Sicilian Defense, an opening that has long fascinated grandmasters and novices alike. From the English Opening to the Scandinavian Defense, every geographical reference in the world of chess finds its rightful place on this map. The map features over 150 chess openings, ranging from the Latvian Gambit to German Defense of the Polish Sokolsky Opening.

“We wanted to create something that resonated with both chess enthusiasts and lovers of unique design,” says Ilya Merenzon, CEO of World Chess. “This map shows chess’ deep-rooted connections to various cultures and places. It’s a piece that invites exploration, both of the world and of the game. It’s also a design marvel and one of the most beautiful maps I’ve ever seen,” adds Merenzon.

The map will likely become a staple in chess clubs and in chess collectors’ homes. Printed on premium-quality paper with intricate detailing, the map is perfect for framing and would make a sophisticated addition to any study, library, or living space. It’s a celebration of the game’s universal charm and its ability to bridge continents and cultures.

The World Chess Openings Map was designed by Yuri Gordon for World Chess, principle typeface Kings Game, type vendor Letterhead Studio.

The limited edition of the map is printed in Berlin on museum-quality Hahnemühle paper, one of the oldest paper-mills in the world. The chess map is now available for purchase through World Chess’s official website.

For press inquiries or high-resolution images of the map, please contact World Chess’s media relations team at

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Антон Барысенка 6 mo

Hello! Where is Belarus on this map?

Weird 6 mo

I also don’t see Bosnia on the map. Weird