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Rebranding Kerala

World Chess continues to make chess beautiful again, one club at a time

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Time to Say Dubai: a Slogan, a Tweet, a Towel

Dubai, the most populous city in the UAE, billed itself as a tourist destination for decades, and ‘Time to Say Dubai’ slogan was used by the tourism industry to promote the palmy hub with the world’s tallest

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The Most Exciting Chess Shop in the World to Open in New York

World Chess, FIDE commercial partner, together with Algorand, a leading blockchain accelerating the convergence of decentralized and traditional finance

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Rebranding Hyenas — An African Club You Will Actually Want to Join

World Chess is making chess beautiful one chess club at a time

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Daniel Weil, Renown Architect, on the World Chess Set Design

Daniel Weil, renown architect and designer, took on a mission to reinvent the chess pieces for World Chess...

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