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A Championship Chess Set That Fits Into One’s Apartment, Finally

World Chess, the company behind the most exciting chess events in the world as well as the iconic World Chess Championship set design, has been obsessed with putting chess sets in people’s homes

 1208   25 d   Design   Main feature   World Chess   World Chess Shop

Chess Broadcasting to Include Players’ Heart Rate Determined by AI

World Chess is introducing chess broadcasting innovation that might add a new dimension to the way fans watch chess

 1934   4 mo   Announcements   Grand Prix 2022   Main feature   technology   World Chess

Aronian leads the pack in the Berlin Grand Prix

The first round of the group stage began at 3 pm at the City Centre on Unter den Linden with the opening call from Ivan Syrovy, Chief Arbiter of the event

 1049   6 mo   event report   FIDE   Grand Prix 2022   World Chess

New Product: Pocket Chess Set You’ll Actually Want to Own

Whether you’re a chess veteran or just starting your chess journey, having the right chess set is a must

 1273   6 mo   Daniil Dubov   Main feature   World Chess   World Chess Shop

10 New Year’s Chess Resolutions

It’s the “New Year, New Me” season, and everyone is possessed by an optimistic and hopeful spirit. From weight loss to getting a Ph

 1592   7 mo   World Chess
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